Career Frameworks

Canadians can expect to hold roughly 15 jobs in their careers and switch career path an average of two or three time. It’s through working that we can learn what we like to do, what we’re good at, and in what direction we want our career journey to take us (Workopolis Research). As an organization devoted to the cultivation of human potential and with the breadth of career possibilities available, we hope that you find your career opportunities at McMaster. This Career Frameworks website has been created to provide you with information on the opportunities at McMaster and resources to help guide you in navigating your career journey. Jump in and browse the topics below to explore and develop your career.


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About this Work

The development of Career Frameworks for employees at McMaster is one of 30 recommendations resulting from the TMG Total Compensation Re-Design initiative. The Career Frameworks TMG Working Committee was established as a sub-set of the TMG Total Compensation Re-Design committee to research and explore best practices for Career Frameworks and develop a platform to support career exploration. This Career Frameworks website has been developed as a result of the work of this committee in collaboration with Human Resources Services.