Looking at Balance

Problems of work/life balance can be very real.  That’s one of the reasons why we work with people individually, to figure out career paths that fit with your life.  It’s one of the reasons the University has invested in a truly wide-ranging Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Work/life balance issues can also be self-imposed.  One of the downsides of our awareness of the importance of balance is that it can lead us to scrutinize parts of our life that simply aren’t …

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Our #1 Underused Resource for Work-Life Balance

Last month, we looked at work-life balance in terms of rewards and challenges at work.  This month, we’ll look at some of the ways you can make the “life” part of work-life balance easier to manage.

One challenge with advice about work-life balance is that it often assumes life outside of work is “normal.”  That is, it assumes that you and your loved ones have reasonably good health and that there are no draws on your time that can’t be reassessed …

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Man Balancing on Chair

Balancing Work

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Ever met anyone who doesn’t want work-life balance?  Ever met anyone who says they have it?

Work-life balance is complex.  If it weren’t, we’d all have mastered it already.  There are several ways of approaching it, though, and we’ll look at some of those in upcoming blog posts.

This month’s post will focus on looking at balance within the tasks you do at work.  Part of the reason for focusing exclusively on the “work” part …

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How Do I Get In?

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That might be a question you’ve asked yourself about a role you’d like.  Or maybe you’ve heard it from friends and family members who want to work at McMaster.  In either case, you might wish that you had some insider information about the hiring process.

Well, now you do.  In this post, you’ll find three common myths and their corresponding realities.

Myth: I’ve applied to too many jobs, so they’ll never hire me now.

Reality: Hiring at McMaster …

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Spring Clean Your Career

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Whether you’ve been thinking about your career because of Inspiring From Within or because of life in general, now is a great time to start spring cleaning your career.

What differentiates spring cleaning from regular tidying is the depth and comprehensiveness of your efforts.  This is the time for taking stock of what you have.  In terms of your career, this could start with taking stock of what gives you the most meaning …

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Following up After Inspiring From Within

There’s a risk in attending professional development and networking events like Inspiring from Within.  It’s the risk of not following up.

At McMaster, as at any large organization, people can sometimes feel like they’re working in silos.  IFW helps us break out of those silos and get to know other people.  If we don’t follow up, those acquaintances are made and lost.  So why don’t we follow up?

Time pressure certainly plays a role.  But here’s the good news: …

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Welcome to the Employee Career Services career development blog!

Through our monthly blog, we’ll share insights into different key parts of career management: professional development, career exploration, the work search, career conversations, and other topics. You’ll find quick tips, book and resource reviews, and even “how to prepare” posts for big events like the Inspiring from Within conference.

Our blog isn’t the only resource available to you, of course. If you’re looking for further information on any of our blog topics, or …

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Career IQ – Skill Growth

Learn about the importance of not depending on one skill and find out the skills that are in demand at McMaster in this issue of Career IQ: [PDF]

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