Employee Career Services

Career development is a shared accountability at McMaster University. It is employee driven, enabled by managers and supported by the organization. Since managing one’s career involves specific skills and ongoing activities, find out how you are doing by completing the Career Management Skills Inventory below.

Career Management Skills Inventory

Personal Assets

Look inside and ask yourself, "What makes me unique?" "What value do I bring?" This will help establish your personal brand and guide your strategy.

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Career Awareness

Look outside yourself to research occupations, career paths and job trends. Align yourself with the needs and strategic objectives of the organization.

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Goals & Actions

Use the SMART resources to find your next job opportunity, establish career goals, and plan your development.

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Career Management

Reviewing and mapping your future, creating work-life harmony and establishing work/life retirement plans.

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Coaching Resources

Coaching practices help strengthen a workplace culture, in which people are the heart of our organizational strategy and business process. We encourage you to use and adapt these resources to enable important conversations between managers and direct reports, as you discuss annual goals and objectives and plan individual development.

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